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At JLC Productions we pride ourselves in making you feel at ease during the shoot. We like you to leave feeling satisfied with what you have accomplished with us. We start off by using music of your choice, to really lighten the mood. We then select with you what looks will be used for the shoot. We then shoot in studio to ease you into it. Once you feel comfortable we venture outside to use the technique of natural light to help produce an organic picture. It's with the combination of all these things that we find creates a natural look for you that an agent or a casting director wants to see, whether the end result is an inside shot or an outside one.

Once the shoot is over a proof containing thumbnails of the headshots taken will be sent to you. If you do have an agent you are recommended to send the proof to them for them to select the headshots for you to use.  If you are freelancing we recommend you getting other opinions from people that know you well. Once the headshots have been selected the images will be professionally retouched to sharpen the eyes, clean any embellishes, fly away hairs etc and then sent to you once completed through a program called Dropbox.